I am greatly indebted to I. C. Lawson, J. Gordon Fyfe and E. L. Smith for their ready acceptance to be members of the editorial board and to have had their advice and guidance on the structure and content of the History and to gain from their extensive knowledge about Peebles. Their undoubted enthusiasm has sustained the project and brought it to a successful conclusion. However, with great sadness I record the untimely death in December 1989 of my co­author, lain Lawson. His passing was a great loss, but his love of Peebles and its history are to be read in his chapters and they are a fitting memorial to a 'worthy' Peeblean and local historian. I also record my warmest thanks to my wife, Mabel Brown; although not an official member of the editorial board, she was always there to give help and encouragement.

I gratefully acknowledge my indebtedness to the distinguished contributors: E. L. Smith, J. Gordon Fyfe, Dr R. B. Wilson, the Revd D. C. MacFarlane, R. Montgomery and E. Laverock; Michael Lister for his bibliography; and R. B. Robb and E. R. Stevenson for advising and providing the photographs. Each one made his contribution for the love of Peebles and not one has been financially reimbursed for the work done in the preparation of this book. Equally, Mrs Rosemary Shaw (Blyth Bridge) has made a valuable contribution by producing typed chapters for lain Lawson and Ted Smith, tackling the drafts with enthusiasm and asking only to be of assistance to the project.

Miss Sheena Stavert, editor of the Peeblesshire News, must also be thanked, as well as the proprietor and staff of the newspaper for allowing ready access to the files of the Peeblesshire News and the Peeblesshire Advertiser. These two newspapers are indeed the local history books that contain the unabridged story about the social life and events of the




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