PART I: 1850 - 1900

providing insurance cover for virtually every contingency. That there was great competition provides further evidence of a lively and busy economic life in the town during the period around 1867: Accidental Death (G. Morrison, High Street); British Guarantee (Stuart & Blackwood, Northgate); Briton Medical & General (life) (A.G. Blackie, High Street); Caledonian (John Stirling, High Street); Crown (life) (John M. Russell, High Street); Economic (life) (John Buchan, High Street); Edinburgh (life) (William Blackwood, Northgate); English & Scottish Law (life) (Robert Stirling); General (John Smith, High Street); Insurance Company of Scotland (Walter Thorburn, High Street); Life Association of Scotland (John Buchan); North British (J. D. Bathgate, High Street); Patriotic (Robert Stirling, Northgate); Phoenix (John Buchan); Plate Glass (G. Morrison); Railway Passengers' (J. D. Bathgate); Rock (life) (G. Morrison); Royal (Walter Hume, High Street); Scottish Equitable (life) (J. D. Bathgate); Scottish Imperial (life) (A. G. Blackie); Scottish Mutual Plate Glass (A. G. Blackie); Scottish Provident (Robert Stevenson, High Street); Standard (life) (Walter Thorburn); Sun (fire) (William Blackwood.)20

Before we close this chapter on the development of commerce and trade, mention must be made of a number of local trading enterprises that originated in the second half of the nineteenth century. They have given service to generations of Peebleans and today they still are in business. In the High Street: Veitch's, Ladies' and Gentlemen's Outfitters; William J. Whitie, Booksellers, Stationers and Newsagents; and Scott Brothers, Ironmongers. In the Old Town: the Castle Warehouse, Outfitters and Furnishers. Elcho Street Brae: James Clyde & Sons, Builders & Contractors. Innerleithen Road: L. Grandison & Son, Plasterers. (A fuller reference will be made later to these businesses, and others too, which started before the First World War.)



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