THIS LIST COVERS works relating to Peeblesshire or Tweeddale which are held in the Peebles Area Library, but excludes maps, 'imaginative works' such as poetry and fiction, neither does it contain articles reprinted from journals or periodicals.

The list is arranged sectionally and alphabetically by area and by author/title, beginning with works of a general nature and moving to works on specific places, e.g. Manor, Peebles, Stobo.

Entries are catalogued using a short entry, and where works are both published and written (or edited) by the same person, the name of the printer and the place of printing have generally been given; while not best practice, it does in some cases give an idea of the 'local imprint' and the number of printers who once flourished in Peebles. Where the place of publication is unknown, the abbreviation 's.l' has been used, and where the data concerning the publication is uncertain square brackets [ - ] have been used.

ANDERSON, D. Brown, Reminiscences with occasional essays (Allan Smyth, Peebles, 1906) printed for private circulation
BUCHAN, J. W. (ed), A History of Peeblesshire (Jackson, Wylie & Co., Glasgow, 1925-7) three vols
CENSUS 1971, Scotland: County Report, Peebles (HMSO, Edinburgh, 1973)
CHAMBERS, William, A History of Peeblesshire (W. & R. Chambers, Edinburgh, 1864)
DOUGLAS, Sir G., A History of the Border Counties: Roxburgh, Selkirk and Peebles: with a bibliography of those counties (Blackwood, Edinburgh, 1899)
FINDLATER, Revd C., A General View of the Agriculture of the County of Peebles (Constable, Edinburgh, 1802)
GUIDE TO PEEBLESSHIRE and adjacent County including St Mary's Loch and the Grey Mare's Tail (Watson, Peebles, s.l)
HOPKINS, W. J., Factors Influencing Land Use in the Southern
Uplands of Scotland ([NATO], s.l)
INSTRUCTIONS TO A CONSTABLE in the County of Peebles (Hay & Co., Edinburgh, 1815)
MEARS, F., and MOTTRAM, A. H., Report on the Planning of the County of Peebles (Peeblesshire County Council, 1946)