The Church in Peebles



I OFFER THIS modest and fragmentary study of one hundred years in the life of the churches in Peebles with hesitancy born of different considerations. It is modest, since format demands it. It is fragmentary, for it has been easier to gain information relating to some churches than to others.

Here I acknowledge the assistance of all who have contributed information, not least the help of Mr Allan Macdonald and Mrs Margaret Alexander of St Andrew's Leckie Parish Church, and of Mr Alasdair I. Macdonald of St Peter's Episcopal Church. Nor can one write of the Old Parish Church of Peebles without voicing profound gratitude to a former elder, Dr Clement Bryce Gunn.

Finally, it has been difficult to write objectively. I am of the period - too close to a theme and people I hold in affection. So simply I write of our buildings and of what men and women have sought and still seek to do in a holy ministry which I hope fulfils its essential purpose by spilling over into the common life of community and nation.

The Old Parish Church of Peebles

The Old Parish Church offers a varied continuity of Church history through the centuries. Founded by St Kentigern (518-603) or by one of his disciples, that tapestry can be traced vaguely at first, then by the tangible evidence of St Andrew's Church (1195), the Cross Kirk (1261), St Andrew's Church on Castlehill (1784), to the present building replacing its predecessor to guard the High Street from 1887.