PART III: 1950 - 1990

Office was established in Galashiels. The police force also reduced its establishment and the importance of the local police station, which was once the county headquarters and the office of Superintendent Ninian Notman, Superintendent Sonny Dickson and Inspector James Attridge.

Even the co-operative movement in 1967 decided on a policy of 'mergers', with the societies of Peebles, Galashiels and Jedburgh becoming the Borders Regional Co-operative Society Ltd. Undoubtedly there were commercial reasons for this happening, but regrettably the Co-op in Peebles today is a mere shadow of its former greatness.

A Royal Commission appointed to inquire into the structure and future of local government led to the Local Government (Scotland) Act, 1973, which replaced county and town councils in Scotland with a structure comprising nine large regions, fifty-one districts and a general-purpose authority for the Orkneys, Shetlands and the Western Isles. Peebles, with Selkirk, Roxburgh and Berwick, formed the Borders Regional Council but of more concern to the future life of Peebles was that it lost its town council in the reorganisation of 1975 and got, in its place, the Tweeddale District Council and a local Community Council.

The autonomy of the people of Peebles to decide their own affairs was removed. In future, what had been done by the former town council with great flair and local understanding, would be subject to the decisions and policy of elected representatives that were not solely accountable to the people of Peebles, even to determining whether or not a street in Peebles should be named to commemorate the late Dr C. B. Gunn. As Will Kerr, in exasperation, would often exclaim in his Tittle-Tattle column: 'Ye Gods and little fishes!'

A major example of the loss of local autonomy to safeguard Peebles' interests was clearly demonstrated when approval was given by the Borders Regional Planning Committee to a planning application for the development of private housing on land which was part of Dunwhinny Lodge Old Folks Home - a local facility dear to the heart of Peebles folk. Despite the justifiably strong views held in the town about the decision and the protests that were forcefully conveyed to the Planning Authority, the substantial weight of local opinion was unable to influence the outcome of this purely local matter.

Other contentious issues which have concerned the people of Peebles