town and they are extensively used to tell about the past 140 years.

There are many others who unhesitatingly helped in so many ways: Mrs Rosemary Hannay, curator of the Museum in Peebles; Paul Taylor, librarian; Pieter J. van Dijk, Peebles Hotel Hydropathic Limited; Riddell Graham, Border Tourist Board; George Barbour and the staff at the Scottish Records Office (Edinburgh); Miss Linda Pender, Scottish Courts Administration (Edinburgh); Mike Greenwood and John Hutton, British Railways Property Board (Glasgow); Forbes Alexander (Edinburgh), Ex-Cornet Allan Beveridge, J. D. Birchall, Ian Brown, James Brown, Neil J. Brown, Christopher Buchan, David Clyde, Ian Curry (Edinburgh), Sandy Finlayson, Arthur Foster, Graham H. T. Garvie, Hugh T. Gilmore, Hugh Gilmore, Peter Gilmore, Mrs Evelyn Gordon, Roy Hamilton (Rutherglen), Douglas Harper, Willie Hennigan (Sheffield), David Hoyle, Atholl Innes (Galashiels), John Ker, Ronald Kerr, A. J. Litster, Bill Lynn (Birtley, Newcastle-upon-Tyne), Mrs Joan Pascal, Graham McGrath, John McOwan, Dr J. McPhater, Dr R. S. Miles, James Renwick, Jack Roney, Mr and Mrs Rowe (Leicester), R. Renwick Sanderson, Monty Smith (Glasgow), Robert Swan, D. Hunter Thorburn, George D. Thorburn, Ex-Cornet Turnbull, Douglas W. Veitch, Ex-Provost A. W. Walker and William Watson.

The financial help extended by the Royal Burgh of Peebles Common Good Fund is most gratefully acknowledged. In thanking all the Councillors concerned - in particular the former Provost of Peebles, Councillor A. W. Walker - I pay tribute to their ready understanding and support that enabled this History to be published in this the Anniversary year. Their financial help enables the book to be a viable publishing proposition and to keep the price of the book at a reasonable level.

I am proud that the Royal Burgh of Peebles Callants' Club have accepted the invitation to become the holders of the copyright of the History of Peebles: 1850-1990 and that they will repay the Common Good Fund a proportion of its financial subvention from the royalties that they receive in the years ahead.





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