PART II: 1900 - 1950

were given luncheon in the Drill Hall, the cost being met by anonymous donors.

Another jubilee that was celebrated in Peebles in 1935 was the fiftieth anniversary of the starting up of the March Street Mills. Sir Henry and Lady Ballantyne gave a dinner in the Drill Hall for 600 employees and present that evening was Adam Dalgleish - the Mill's first employee. There were also four other employees who had started work in 1885 when the mills first opened: Duncan Bennet, Andrew Clyde and Jas Hope who were also at the dinner and Miss Maggie M'Isaac who was unable to attend.

The Coronation ceremony of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth in 1937 was broadcast by radio to the nation but even more spectacular was the Paramount newsreel in the local cinemas the next day. They had been rushed to Edinburgh by aeroplane and brought to Peebles by car. Locally, the Coronation was celebrated with a dinner for the elderly in the Drill Hall which was given by the town council and everyone received a souvenir tin containing tea. The school children in the town were given a copy of the book George VI, King and Emperor and a circus performance was also arranged in Victoria Park and a fireworks display at Kerfield.

The King's Coronation Honours List conferred upon Lord Tweedsmuir (John Buchan) the distinction of being appointed a privy councillor, having previously been created a Baron in 1935 when he became governor-general of Canada. A distinguished statesman and author, Lord Tweedsmuir and J. Walter Buchan, his brother, and Miss Anna Buchan, his sister, were members of a family that were held in very special regard by the people of Peebles.

From 1906 to 1948 Walter Buchan was an extremely efficient town clerk of the royal burgh and, in Chapter 13, 'The Law and The Lawyers of Peebles', there is an account of the practice of J. & W. Buchan. It is to his great credit that A History of Peeblesshire was produced, having largely written and edited the three volumes. Miss Anna Buchan was also a writer and as 'O'Douglas', her books were widely acclaimed. All three were appointed Wardens of Neidpath­ - an honour they richly deserved.                   
Many Peebles folk were given their first opportunity of a flight in an aeroplane one September afternoon in 1932, when Sir Allan Cobham brought 'Britain's greatest air pageant' to Sheriffmuir. A Zeuguied airliner was available for cruises at a cost of 4s (20p). In 1936 Sheriffmuir was again the venue for the 'British Empire Air Display'